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Co-Curricular Activities


  1. At the Patriotic Prayer Competition organised by Prempuri Ashram
    • Riya Girap, PranjalSurve, Anushree Oak, Drairya Gaikwad, Sware Nalavade, Seara Gaonka, Sara Vaidya, AshmiKalselr, Navika Bohra, Riya Channavar, GrishmaGargote, and Shree Singh of Std IV won the 1st prize.
  2. Riya Girap won the 2nd prize while Pranjal Surve of Std IV won the Consolation prize at the Solo Bhajan Competition organised by Prempuri Ashram.
  3. At the Story Telling Competition organised by Prempuri Ashram, Fatima Sayed of Std II won the Consolation prize.
  4. SharminPavri of Std IV won the 3rd prize at the ex-tempo Elocution Competition organised by Prempuri Ashram.
  5. Pavitra Gor and Asmi Nagarsenkar of Std VII both won the 2nd prize at the Poetry Recitation Competition.
  6. At the Elocution Competition organised by E.E.E. Sasoon School, MinalThaker won the 3rd prize and DishaVora won the Consolation prize.
  7. At the Inter-school Religious Quiz Competition organised by Iran League, Kiana Pavriand DelnazDubash of Std V won the 1st prize and KhushnumaVimadalal won the Consolation prize.
  8. At the Inter-school Prayer Competition organised by Bombay Parsi Association,KhushnumaVimadalal won the 1st Prize, Kiana Pavri and Delnaz Dubashwon the 1st, 2ndand Consolation prizes respectively.
  9. At the Essay Competition organised by Tata Building India, AabhaGawde, DiyaJalui, Nili Jain in Jr. category andShravaniRane, Nidhi Manjeshwar and HritikaJain were the winners in the Sr. category topic being “India at 70 is full of opportunities and challenges, what are these and how can you contribute to a New India during the next 10 years.”
  10. At the Ideal Play Abacus India Pvt. Ltd Mental Maths Competition Hasti Phull of Std V, secured the 5th position at the National Level.
  11. At the Grade 1Theory of Music Competition, World Level, organised by Trinity College, London, Mahek Sharma of Std VI was the Topper of Maharashtra StateBoard, securing 97/100
  12. At the Manibhavan Marathi Devotional Group Singing Competition organised by Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, our students of Std V to VIII won the 1st prize.
  13. At the Prempuri Ashram Solo Singing Competition, Bhavana Ganesh of Std VIandUnnati Panchal of Std VIII won the Consolation Prize.



  1. At the Sensei N.T. Bangera Memorial Invitational Inter-school Judo Championship, 2018, organised by Bombay Judo Club in January 2018, Devanshi Manjrekar of Std II won the 1st prize in 21kg U-8 category.
  2. At the 9th RSAM Maharashtra State Rope Skipping Championship 2017-18, AnishkaPawar of Std IV stood 1st in M2 Speed Skipping Competition. AnshikaPawar along with ArshiyaPawarof Std II stood 1st in the T1-SR Speed and DU Relay, T2 SR Pair Freestyle and 2nd in MS Double in the U-11 category.
  3. At the 18th National Rope Skipping Champion 2017-18, ArshiyaPawar of Std II andAnshikaPawar of Std IV won the 1st prize in the Team Freestyle event and 3rd in the Speed & DU Relay and 3rd prize in Doubles and Speed Sprint U-10.
  4. At the Maharashtra State Open Inter-School Karate Doh Championship held in December 2017, ArshiyaPawar of Std II and AnshikaPawar of Std IV stood 1st in Kata and AnshikaPawar stood 3rd in Kumite Competition.
  5. At the 3rd National Level Karate Fight Championship 2018 organised by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanathan Roma Sirisilla of Std V stood 1st.
  6. At the Rhythmic Gymnastic Competition organised by Premier RhythmicGymnastic Academy, SwaraGoghale secured the 3rd position in the Ribbon and Club event.
  7. At the All Parsees Sports Foundation, Tanya Vakil stood 1stin Long Jump, High Jump, 100 mts. run, 2ndin Shot Put and 3rdin 400 mts, run.
    • She broke two records in the Long Jump and High Jump. She won the Championship Trophy for girls U-14 and won the Best Athlete Trophy.


  1. At the Inter-school Drawing Competition organised by Gandhi Smarak, Pavitra Bera of Std V won a Special prize.
  2. At the Inter-school Drawing Competition organised by Western Indian Automobile Association, PavitraBera of Std V won the Overall Excellence Prize and Naaz Shaikh of Std VI won the 3rd prize.
  3. At the Best Out of Waste Competition, organised by Prempuri Ashram, PavitraBeraand Nikita Sawlawon the Consolation prize.
  4. At the Drawing Competition, organised by Prempuri Ashram, Annaya Aarota won the 1st prize and Pavitra Bera won the Consolation Prize in the Classical Dance Competition.
  5. At the Rotary Club Drawing Competition organised by Rotract Club, Pavitra Bera won the 1st prize and Pingla More won the 2nd prize.
  6. At the Drawing Competition organised by Bombay Teachers Training College, Pavitra Bera won the 1st prize.
  7. Our Drawing Teacher, Mrs. Roshini Umrigar attended a conference conducted by Indian Art & Design Educators on 15th and 16th February 2018 which was addressed by many Artists.
    • Apart from the regular class-room drawing assignments that are done according to the syllabus, they were taught many creative activities in drawing that could help students bring out the hidden creative talents. The School would benefit bywinning many inter-school competitions in drawing and creative categories.
  8. At the All India Child Art Competition organised by Star Creative Art, Pingla More of Std VII won the 1st prize at the National level.